CBeerD - 100mg Triple Shot- Wholesale Packs (100 ct.)

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CBeerD Hemp Shots - The only CBD mixer for any alcoholic beverage

Triple Shots - Wholesale Packs

On-Premise Alcohol Retailers: Check out our 30mg Single Shot Wholesale Packs. These make for a better solution for bars, restaurants, breweries, or anyone where customers enjoy their drinks on-premise.

Off-Premise Alcohol Retailers: Use this options to refill the 100mg portion of your CBeerD Countertop Display Box  . If you're new to CBeerD , we recommend starting with the variety countertop display SKU.


CBeerD is a 4mL water soluble, full spectrum CBD hemp shot that infuses with beer, spirits, or any beverage of your choice. With our wholesale program - you're able to join dozens of breweries, bars, and bottle shops nationwide who are seamlessly offering this amazing ingredient to their customers.  To learn more CBeerD, the best way is to visit our retail site


The 100mg Triple Shot- Wholesale Pack is the strongest strength of CBeerD. The best way to sell this powerful CBD mixer is by putting it in the Triple Shot section of our attractive countertop display box (View Here). It also could be sold in an on-premise consumption situation. However, we recommend offering those customers our 30mg Single Shot, which is the perfect strength/price point for succeeding in a bar, brewery, or cocktail bar. Each Triple Shot Wholesale Pack contains 100 units of CBeerD.

Never heard of the Triple Shot CBD Mixer? Then, click here to learn more about the CBeerD Triple Shot.



100mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (Less than .3% THC)
PG-Carrier Oil, our proprietary blend


Hemp and CBD will be the hottest ingredient for beverages this decade - and CBeerD makes it unbelievably easy to start offering CBD beverage options to your customers. Simply pour, stir, and enjoy!


CBeerD is federally legal in all 50 states


Are you ready to offer CBeerD to customers? We recommend speaking with our wholesale account specialist - who is here to help ensure you succeed with selling CBeerD. Contact to speak with a representative.