CBeerD Countertop Display Starter Pack (96 ct.)


Wholesale: $300.  MSRP: $767.04.

Total Markup: 152%


CBeerD is a 4mL water soluble, full spectrum CBD hemp shot designed to be infused with beer, wine, spirits, or any beverage of your choice. 

The CBeerD Countertop Display Starter Pack is the best way for craft beer stores, wineries, alcohol retailers, liquor stores, breweries, bars, distilleries, and more to start offering CBeerD to their customers. 


The CBeerD Countertop Display includes three different strengths :

Single Shot (Blue) - 30mg of CBD (32 units) MSRP (per unit): $5.99

Double Shot (Red) - 60mg of CBD (32 units) MSRP (per unit): $7.99

Triple Shot (Green) - 100mg of CBD (32 units) MSRP (per unit): $9.99


CBeerD also includes an eye-catching, attractive countertop display-- designed for catching customers' attention as they approach the cash register. 


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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (much less than <.3% THC, as required by Federal Law)

Propylene Glycol


CBeerD's slight hemp flavor enhances every drink and it's attractive countertop packaging make CBeerD an irresistible purchase for consumers nationwide.

CBeerD is federally legal in all 50 states, and you'll love having it in your store.

Just pour, stir and enjoy!