THC-O, a new and popular cannabinoid on the market, is making a splash across the US due to it's supposed 3x higher potency compared to Delta 9 THC.

We're proud to partner with businesses nationwide to help them introduce THC-O products to their customer base. Order pure THCO products or pair with high-quality Delta-8 or Delta-10 for specific and targeted effects.

Cartridges disposables, and gummies now available for bulk or private label purchase!


Looking to White-Label? Call +1-800-210-9475 or email to receive a custom quote today!

THC-O Bulk and Private Label Options

THC-O Vape Cartridges

Mixed evenly with either Delta-8 or Delta-10 THC, our potent THC-O cartridges are the perfect new addition to your business line-up. Just plug into a battery and enjoy!

THC-O Disposables

Premium effects - no additional battery required! Similar to our THC-O cartridge, choose either Delta-10 or Delta-8 to blend with your custom THC-O Disposable. 2mL and 1mL options both available!

THC-O Gummies

Our famous gummy recipe is now available with THC-O options. Enjoy custom edible blends with Delta-10, Delta-8, or pure THC-O. The possibilities are endless to make your business stand out!

Why Choose Terpfusion CBD as your THCO Product Manufacturer?

  • Dedicated, knowledgable Account Representative.


  • In-house private-label packaging capabilities.


  • Years of experience helping business owners start their own brand of CBD, Delta-8, Delta-10, and more!


  • High Quality hardware designed specifically for hemp products.


  • 30+ Terpene Variations available!

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