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HHC Wax Concentrate | 2 Gram | Wholesale


Are you currently capitalizing on the massive and profitable HHC craze?  Lift up your business even further by business by selling DXHALE’s wholesale HHC wax concentrates. These HHC concentrates are effective, euphoric, and come in delicious flavors your customers are sure to love. Each 2g wax is offered in a childproof 5mL glass package. Additionally, DXHALE HHC wax is sold in 10 pc. display boxes -- which makes it simple to display and advertise on your shelf. 

There are two specially crafted terpene blends available for purchase: Lava Cake & Lemoncello. Lava Cake promotes deep and calming effects while offering users with a smooth, cakey flavor. Lemoncello, a popular hybrid terpene blend, has a lemon and cherry flavor profile with firm overtones. 

We manufacture all DXHALE products, including these wholesale HHC wax SKUs, at our in-house facility. Our manufacturing team only uses the best lab-tested distillate and choose natural terpenes for delectable flavor. You'll only recieve the best when choosing any DXHALE product.

Your customers might choose this HHC concentrate over another cannabinoid for several reasons. First, it is more potent than Delta-8 -- making it more appealing for consumers who enjoy those euphoric experience. Second, HHC is popular in states with strict Delta-8 rules -- making it a viable options for customers living in those handful of states. Overall, HHC is just a great cannabinoid -- and these concentrates should make a strong impression for your business.

Do you think HHC concentrates could be a fit for your store? Email us at sales@terpfusioncbd.com or call +1-800-210-9475 to speak to a friendly member of our team today!

Product Details:

  • Brand: DXHALE
  • Product Type: Wax Concentrate
  • Cannabinoid: HHC
  • Terpene Strains: Lemoncello (Hybrid), Lava Cake (Indica)
  • Package Size: 5mL
  • Packaging: 5mL Glass QUBE packaging with label
  • Effects: Superb, Euphoric
  • Ingredients: HHC Distillate, proprietary assortment of natural cannabinoids, & Hemp-Derived Terpenes
  • Recommended MSRP: $30-$40 USD