Private Label and Wholesale 3mL Disposables

The wholesale Delta 8 and HHC Disposable market is quickly gearing towards bigger products. Knowing this, Terpfusion is proud to be able to help businesses offer high-quality 3mL Disposables to their customers. These XXL disposables pack a punch and will surely be eye-catching to potential customers.

Whether you'd like to take advantage of our private label 3 gram disposable services or purchase wholesale, Terpfusion has the resources to be the manufacturing partner that can help take your business to the next level.

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3mL Disposable Bulk and Private Label Options

Wholesale Delta 8 3 gram Disposable White Label

Delta-8 3mL Disposables

Custom branded 3 gram Delta 8 Disposables is the perfect option for those looking to offer a well-known, potent cannabinoid. Delta 8 offers great body effects and is best known across consumers. This a potent, affordable option for your business.

HHC Disposable 3mL Disposable Private Label Promo

HHC 3mL Disposables

HHC is an extremely popular cannabinoid known for being slightly more potent than Delta 8. Since it is a non-THC psychoactive compound, HHC is more accessible for sale across the USA than D8 or D10 Enhance with one of our 50+ terpenes in stock!

THC-P 3mL Disposables

THCP is a rare, exotic cannabinoid that is focused in on one quality -- POTENCY! Researchers claim THCP is 30x stronger than D9. Popularly blended with D8 and HHC, THCP is the perfect choice for customers with a slightly larger budget who want optimum euphoric effects.

THC-B 3mL Disposables

Choosing THC-B 3mL disposables for your brand means that you're prioritizing potency, strength, and smokeability. THCB is known for being 30x stronger than D8 and is one of our most popular options.

Wholesale 3mL HHC-O Disposable

THC-A 3mL Disposables

THC-Ais a product that provides extra euphoric effects 3mL THC-A Disposables are a perfect fit for those looking slightly more potency than D8.

Private Label 3mL Disposable THCV

THC-V 3mL Disposables

THC-V is well known as a cannabinoid centered on wellness. Users choose THCV options because of it's appetite-dulling and uplifting effects. Blend with D8 or HHC for a 3mL product for a potent, well-rounded product.

3mL D10 Disposable Vape Wholesale

Delta-10 3mL Disposables

D10 3mL Disposables are the super-sativa version of Delta 8. We recommend offering Delta-10 if your clientele is searching for sativa-effects and vapes that are meant for daytime use. Enjoy infusing with our variety of delicious terpene blends!

Live Resin DIsposables Marketing

Live Resin 3mL Disposables

Take any of your 3mL cannabinoid blends to the next level by offering tasty live resin terpenes. These terps have enhanced flavors that will definitely be noticed by vape users. While these are involve extra cost -- we recommend live resin terps for businesses going for a more premium feel to their brand.

Blended 3mL Disposable Options

Other cannabinoids you can private label in a 3mL disposable vape include (but are not limited to: THC-H, HHC-P, Delta-10, THC-V, and more! Blend these with any cannabinoid combination for a unique blend your customers will love.

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3mL Disposable Hardware Options

3 gram Lit Hardware Photo

3mL LIT Hardware

This slick, quality hardware is sure to light-up the world of any users. It's thin, sleek build fits easily in a user's hand and reveals all 3 grams of distillate in disposable.

Enjoy a ceramic coil and proprietary buildout that is preventative against leaks or clogs.

3mL Solo Hardware

The 3mL SOLO hardware is a remake of our classic 1mL disposable enjoyed by many businesses nationwide. This inhale-activated disposable has a sleek, bigger build that the LIT hardware and shows off the oil inside the device through the hexagon-shaped window.

Ask us about imprinting your logo on this device!

3 Gram Disposable Solo Hardware

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