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H4CBD is a new cannabinoid that is popular for providing users a smooth, lighter high compared to using THC or HHC. H4CBD is reported to be 100x stronger than CBD and is perfect for a huge market of customers seeking wellness benefits from CBD but enjoy slight -- yet effective -- intoxication effects.  

Terpfusion partners closely with businesses across the globe to help them offer an assortment of quality H4CBD products to their customers. Whether you're looking for bulk consumables, wholesale items, or plan to utilize our h4cbd private label service, we have the resources and experience to provide a top-notch service that your business deserves and expects.

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Why offer your customers wholesale H4CBD?

Zero Vape Crystallization

H4CBD is reported to be 100x stronger than CBD. While people compare it to CBD, it does not crystallize in a vape or cartridge like Broad Spec or Full Spectrum CBD. This makes wholesale h4cbd the perfect vapeable wellness product.

Untapped Customer Market

There is an untapped market of consumers who are interested in the euphoric effects of THC or HHC, but do not want to get overly high. H4CBD is an optimal solution for those customers seeking this light, happy experience.

Access Restricted Markets

States or Countries with strict rules regarding Delta 8 or HHC -- such as Utah, Nevada, Japan, or Germany -- currently have no restrictions regarding this cannabinoid. This makes purchasing H4CBD wholesale a huge opportunity for businesses trying to succeed these restricted markets.

Bulk and Private Label H4CBD Products

H4CBD Cartridges

Enjoy a smooth, clean vaping experience combined with unintimidating, yet calming effects. Our wholesale H4CBD cartridges do not crystallize and are availble in over 50+ terpene options. Package in traditional blister-packs or let us source attractive premium boxes for your brand.

1mL and 2mL cartridges available.

Private Label H4CBD Cartridge Blister Pack
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H4CBD Disposables

By far the most popular product type in the business-- H4CBD disposables allow consumers to enjoy the bliss of vapes without the hassle of carrying a battery. Offer these products in an assortment of quality packaging. Ask about live-resin terpenes to enhance the flavor!

1mL, 2mL, and 3mL sizes are available!

H4CBD Tinctures

H4CBD Tinctures are perfect for those customers who prefer sublingual consumption of their cannabinoids. Terpfusion can help you properly launch and package these products to offer to your customers. Enjoy up to 5,000mg H4CBD per bottle!

H4CBD Wholesale Tincture Photo

H4CBD Gummies

Our famous, delicious gummy recipe now available with h4cbd. Offer wholesale H4CBD gummies in over 20 fruit flavors -- including blue raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, and more! Purchase gummies in bulk or have us source attractive bag or jars for you.

Ask us about coming up with your own custom flavors!

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