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CBeerD - The Original Hemp Shot - Wholesale 

Instantly turn any drink into a CBD beer or cocktail

CBeerD is a 4mL water soluble, full spectrum CBD hemp shot designed to instantly infuse beer, wine, spirits, or any beverage of your choice with CBD. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD and contains less than .3% THC

CBeerD is a non-alcoholic, stand alone Hemp product designed specifically for sale by anyone who sells beer or liquor (on or off premise). Since it is not a pre-infused CBD beverage (like CBD sparkling water), it makes it simple for alcohol retailers to seamlessly and legally offer CBeerD as an "add-on" to their beverage options.


CBeerD is a family owned business that truly care about their product. CBeerD is made with 100% American Made Ingredients. It is also vegan, non-GMO, and free of gluten. Most importantly, CBeerD is also rigorously lab tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure the quality of each of our 4mL bottles. If it's not 100% quality, it doesn't get sold. The product is federally legal in all 50 state, as each bottle contains less than .3% THC

CBeerD does not contain any alcohol – we just designed it to be infused specifically in alcoholic beverages.

To read more FAQs and learn more about CBeerD - click here


How do I use CBeerD?

CBeerD is easy to use and completely infuses any beverage with CBD in a matter of seconds. The three step process to using CBeerD is:

1. Unscrew the lid of your CBeerD Hemp Shot and pour into your beverage of choice.

2. Watch CBeerD fully infuse into your beverage. If needed, stir for 1-2 seconds to ensure CBeerD fully disperses the beverage.

3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun of your relaxing CBD drink!


Why should my business sell CBeerD? How do I market it?

If you sell alcohol and you serve a customer base interested in CBD/Cannabis, CBeerD just might be the right fit for you.

Here's a few reasons why businesses sell CBeerD:

CBeerD makes people feel pretty awesome - which your customers definitely will notice. We made sure that the wonderful effects of CBeerD are apparent (if you want to try it, email us at sales@cbeerd.co to request a sample), and they will will absolutely have your customers visiting again for more. 

CBeerD also compliments flavor profile of most beverages - as it adds a very slight, almost unnoticable earthy flavor to each sip. In fact, many people do not even notice the slight CBeerD flavor - so you can rest assured that it won't dilute or ruin the flavor your beer. 

Off-premise and on-premise alcohol retailers can best sell this product in a unique but different ways. Here are explanations of each:

Off-Premise Alcohol Retailers (liquor stores, bottle shops, etc.)

CBeerD is ultimate upsell at checkout, and you can draw attention to it using our provided POS attractive countertop display. This drives additional revenue due to the increased purchase amount of each customer. 

CBeerD is a great addition to the inventory of off-premise alcohol retailers like craft beer stores or liquor stores because it is the ultimate upsell at checkout. Each retailer will recieve an eye-catching POS CBeerD Display Box, which makes it easy for customers to grab a CBeerD Hemp Shot as they are purchasing their alcohol at the register. Since CBeerD instantly pairs with just about anything sold at a liquor store, it's easy for your staff to recommend CBeerD to your customers. 

Are you interested in extra revenue that doesn't compete with alcohol sales? Then, you should consider CBeerD for your countertop space. 


To see a picture of the countertop display, CLICK HERE.

On-Premise Alcohol Retailers (bars, breweries, restaurants, etc.)

CBeerD is popularly sold in breweries, cocktail bars, restaurants, and other on-premise alcohol retailers. These business can easily market CBeerD by offering it as a "upsell" with several beverages, or creating unique drinks that are marketed on the drink menu.

CBeerD was created because we believe that Hemp will become the most popular ingredient to infuse with alcoholic beverages this decade.


Here are a few examples of how your specific type of business can offer CBeerD:

As a Cocktail Bar, CBeerD can help you easily offer high-end, CBD-infused cocktail options. Let your customers be amazed when they see CBD seamlessly mix into their Gin Martini, Margarita, or their Tom Collins. CBeerD specifically enhances clear alcohol - such as vodka, tequila, and gin - allowing for countless CBD drink options available for your staff to offer on the menu.

As a brewery, CBeerD makes it unbelievably simple to introduce a new CBD-variation of any popular beer on your draft list. For example, Samuel Adams could easily introduce a taproom exclusive version of their Rebel Rouser IPA - the Rebel Rouser IPA (Hemp-Infused). The best part is that CBeerD is so easy to use, your customers can simply add CBD on their own. Alternatively, your bartending staff could pour CBeerD into the brew before giving it to the customer. You could even sell CBeerD to-go with crowler sales! Either way, your customers will be excited to return after their unique experience at your taproom. 

At a restaurant, you could use both marketing strategies above or simply put up a sign near the bar that says "Infuse you cocktail with CBD, $5". There's so many ways to seamlessly offer CBeerD in a restaurant - and we provide an experienced account executive to assist you if you need help along the way


How we partner with you

Our #1 priority is your success selling CBeerD. That's why we have an entire wholesale team to partner with you - even after you make your purchase.

Every CBeerD client is also assigned a dedicated CBeerD Account Executive who will walk with you step by step to successfully getting this to market. Additionally, we will send you several marketing materials (both digital and physical) to help get the buzz out that you're offering this popular CBD Mixer. Customers worldwide are enjoying CBD-infused beverages - and we know your customers will too!


Wholesale Pricing

NOTE: We're currently offering 50 ct. Wholesale Packs for first time customers at $3.50 a unit.

CBeerD is sold in wholesale packs. Each wholesale pack contains 100 units each. Each unit starts at $3 each, with quantity discounts available (click here to view our full pricing list).

We recommend reselling these for $6-$8 each, which lets you double your money.

Every first-order includes a Point-Of-Sale Display Box. If you would like multiple display boxes or a box included with future orders, please let us know by clicking "YES" for the display box option.

How do I reorder CBeerD?

It's simple to reorder CBeerD by using this product page.

You can also contact us by email at: sales@cbeerd.co
or call to order by calling 864-631-2582 between Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm EST


100mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (less than .3% THC, as required by Federal Law)

PG-Carrier Oil, our Proprietary blend


Final Thoughts


CBeerD is federally legal in all 50 states - and, due to being a stand-alone CBD product, most likely 100% legal to sell at your place of business. Whether you are a bar, brewery, restaurant, liquor store, or anywhere else - it's easy to get started offering CBD beverage options by partnering with CBeerD.

Any questions? Send questions to sales@cbeerd.co or call us at +1-800-210-9475. Our friendly team is always here to help!