The Original Hemp Shot

CBeerD full box with sample hemp shots

CBeerD is a water soluble, full spectrum CBD shot that you can add to beer, wine, spirits, or any beverage of your choice.

It comes in three different strengths, 30mg (blue), 60mg (red), 100 milligrams (green) of high quality full-spectrum CBD.

CBeerD's slight hemp flavor enhances every drink and it's attractive countertop packing make CBeerD an irresistible purchase for consumers nationwide.

Just pour, stir and enjoy!

Watch CBeerD's seamless infusion process:

The Original Hemp Shot

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CBeerD is a water soluble, full spectrum CBD shot that you can add to beer, spirits, or any beverage of your choice.

You can enjoy the CBD experience while sipping on their favorite beer, wine, or cocktail.

Each 4mL CBeerD comes in one of three different strengths:

30mg (Single- Blue)

60mg (Double- Red)

100mg (Triple- Green)

CBeerD is sold wholesale in a 96-count countertop display box designed to be placed near the cash-register (similar to 5-Hour Energy at Gas Stations). With maximum visibility, CBeerD serves as the best impulse upsell to maximize the value of every customer who visits your business.

If you're a bar, brewery, distillery, or restaurant; you can also offer CBeerD behind the counter or to create your own Signature Hemp Beverages.

With CBeerD, the opportunities to enhance beverages are endless. Buy CBeerD for your business today!

CBeerD is federally legal and each shot contains less than .3% THC, as required by federal law.



CBD is Booming!

CBD is one of the fastest growing sectors of industry in the United States- predicted to reach over 24 Billion a year in revenue by 2024!

CBeerD gives business the ability to offer a CBD product specifically designed for Beverage space.

High Quality Ingredients

CBeerD is only made with the highest quality of hemp extract available in the United States. Businesses can rest assured that they'll be offering their customers a product with premium, quality ingredients.

Each CBeerD contains less than .3% THC, as required by Federal Law

Natural Upsell

CBeerD is designed to be a low-cost, impulse purchase that increases the Average Order Value of each customer at your store or bar. With it's attractive packaging and eye-catching display box, customers are sure to notice that CBeerD is being offered in your store.

High Margins

CBeerD doesn't just taste great- it drives revenue too! Each box of CBeerD sells at around a 150% markup while being fairly priced for consumers


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Distilled Water

Delivery within the USA

Delivery of your CBeerD products will take 3-5 business days after purchase. Shipping is calculated by the best available rate

International Delivery

International Delivery times and rates vary by country. Please contact for questions regarding international shipping.

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