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Live Rosin is hash oil product that that is made with freshly frozen materials and extracted without solvents. Wholesale Live Rosin Products are very difficult to come across due the to extensive labor process of making the Rosin. However, it's trending towards being one of the most popular product-types on the market because of the clean, powerful entourage effects consumers enjoy from the products.

Terpfusion has been tirelessly developing a suite of wholesale Live Rosin consumables available in bulk or private label. Enjoy wholesale live rosin disposables, gummies, cartridges, concentrates & more!

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Freshly frozen live rosin material made carefully from hemp.

Sensible Pricing & Reasonable MOQs on all finished goods.

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Why add Live Rosin options to your product line?

Solventless Extract

Enjoy the purest possible full-spectrum extract available that is derived from hemp.


Infinite Blend Options

Live Rosin perfectly enhances popular hemp-derived cannabinoids blends. Additionally, you can enhance your wholesale live rosin products with High-Terpene-Extract for optimum flavor & benefit.

Full Entourage Effect

Our quality live-rosin is full of a variety of cannabinoids that work together to promote the promote the entrouage effect. Enjoy CBDa, THCa, CBL, & more!

Natural Terpenes

Rosin doesn't just enhance to the products -- they affect the aura of them too! Live Rosin has natural terpenes and natural aromas that will surely make your products pop with a more authentic taste.

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Private Label Live Rosin Product Options

 Live Rosin Disposable Hardware Options

Wholesale Live Rosin Disposables

Disposables with pre-attached batteries are by far the most popular product type in the hemp industry. Adding live rosin to your disposables will enhance the consumer experience and help you stand out compared to your competitors.

We offer wholesale live rosin disposables in 1mL, 2mL, and 3mL sizes that come in dozens of terp variations. Purchase in bulk or utilize our private label packaging services.

Wholesale Live Rosin Cartridges

Including Live Rosin in a cartridge takes the vaping experience to an entire elevated level! Add Live Rosin to any of our high-quality cart blends and delight your customers with natural terpene flavors & aromas!

Offer 1mL or 2mL cartridges in an assortment of beautiful packaging options. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Live Rosin Cartridges 1ml and 2mL Hardware

Wholesale Live Rosin Concentrate

Private Label Live Rosin Concentrate and delight your customers with a full-body of effects & aroma. We combine our flash-frozen live rosin with CBG & a combination of other cannabinoids to make the ideal hemp-derived concentrate.

Wax, Budder, Shatter, & more available!

Wholesale Live Rosin Gummies

Enjoy a clean, desirable psychoative exerience by infusing our CBD rosin into our famous gummy formula. These delicious edibles could include a combination of other cannabinoids or infused exclusively with Rosin.

Terpfusion can produce up to 40k gummies an hour & is equipped for helping businesses of all sizes suceed! Click below for a quote.

Live Rosin Assorted Flavor Cannabinoid Gummies

Why Choose Terpfusion as your Private Label Live Rosin Product Manufacturer?

Dedicated Account Executive

Every client is assigned an experience account executive to consult while working with Terpfusion.

Quick & Transparent Turnaround Times

We pride ourselves on getting all of our custom products to our clients quickly and safely! We pack all of our packages discretely and ship via UPS, FedEx, or a freight provider.

Over 100 Brands Served

We have years of experience helping businesses bring their custom product lines to life! Over 100 brands served and we're ready to help you.

Carefully Crafted Live Rosin Blends

Our live rosin is sourced from one of the best cannabinoid extraction facilities in the world. We also have a product development team who make sure every product we produce is quality, precise, and ready for retail.

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