3rd Party
Logistics Solutions

Save hours of work by utilizing our warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics service.

Let us pick, pack, and ship directly to your customers.

The Amazon of CBD Product Fulfillment

As a growing CBD business - one of the most frustrating parts of your business is the burden of fulfilling and shipping your products to your customers.

It requires hours of intensive labor and time commitment. You may even need to rent warehouse space soon - which is very expensive!

Terpfusion CBD can help. Our professional team warehouses, fulfills, and ships your products directly to your customer - freeing up time, resources, and money that can go towards marketing and growing your business.

Quick Shipping

We're quick! Depending on your product and shipping class, expect it to make it to your customer in 4-7 Days.

Keep Your Team Small

By partnering with Terpfuson CBD, you're saving on hours of labor and hiring costs. Let our professional team focus on this for you.



Pay as you go—you are charged for storage space, shipping, membership, and the orders we fulfill.

Terpfusion CBD Fulfillment and Storage Fees

Cost Per Unit Shipped

When an item is shipped from our fulfillment center, we charge per unit at $4 a unit - a low price for products with as high of margins as CBD products.

Shipping Allowance

When you start shipping items with us, we'll create a bank of shipping fees that will go towards shipping for your products. Alternatively, you can pay as you go as products are ordered.


Long-term storage fees

Assessed monthly for all items stored in a fulfillment center for more than 180 days. Maintaining sound inventory health can help you avoid long-term storage fees.

Removal order fees

You can have us return or dispose of your inventory in a fulfillment center for a per-item fee.

Want to save on storage fees and cost-per-unit shipping fees? Ask your account representative about our Preferred Partner Program - designed for those who are taking advantage of Terpfusion's manufacturing.

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