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THC-V Wholesale  

Offer your customers this fascinating, rare, and beneficial compound that provides uplifting, wholistic effects. Terpfusion helps businesses like yours source and set up your own product line as well as offering wholesale THCV products. Enjoy great pricing, quality THCV-distillate, and a dedicated staff that cares about your success.

Carts, Disposables, 2 gram vapes, Gummies, & more are available!

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THC-V/Delta-8 Products

Enjoy THC-V combined with Delta-8. THC. This combo is perfect for customers looking for the soothing effects of D-8 combined with the fueling perks of consuming THC-V.

Enjoy our perfect 10% THC-V/90% D8 combination in cartridges, gummies, disposables, and more.


THC-V/Delta-10 Products

Delight your clientele with THC-V/Delta-10. The combination of these energizing cannabinoids is perfect for those looking for uplifting and invigorating effects.

10% THC-V/90% D-10 vapable, edible, and sublingual products are available for wholesale purchase.


Full-Service Packaging Options Available

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Private Label & Bulk THCV Product Options

THC-V Cartridges

Made with high-powered THC-V isolate, natural terpenes, and your choice of Delta-8, Delta-10, or HHC --- these delicious THCV cartridges are a natural addition to your product line. Package them in high-quality clamshells or offer your whole THCV carts in premium boxes.

We proudly offer a huge variety of terpene blends, which makes it easy to choose the perfect product that fits your brand. CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL TERPENE LIST

wholesale THCV Cartridge fully packaged
wholesale THCV Gummies

THC-V Gummies

Perfect for customers who prefer not to vape -- our delicious gummy recipe is made-from-scratch and optimized for effects. All of our THC-V gummies are infused and paired with D8, D10, THCO HHC, or HHCO.

12+ fruity flavors available!

THC-V Tinctures

Our wholesale THCV sold as a tincture are perfect for those that prefer sublingual consumption of their hemp products. These are popular combined with D8 or more soothing effects, D10 for energizing, or HHC more neutral euphoria. Over delicious 40 terpene options available - CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL LIST.

Wholesale THCV Tincture
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THCV Disposables

THCV disposables are powerful, euphoric, and ready to vape right out of the box! We manufacture all of our wholesale THCV disposable vapes in house using only the best distillate blends. Create specialized, complex blends that will be unique to you and your brand.

Enjoy amazing hardware that's designed to minimize clogs or leaks. Mylar bag packaging, clamshells, or box packaging options are choices for you to make your business stand out! 1mL, 2mL, and now 3mL whoelsale THC-V disposables available!

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