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Why offer your customers HHC-O?

HHC-O is an exotic cannabinoid that is reported to be multiple times more potent than HHC. People in the US and worldwide are loving HHC-O due to the supreme potency, fast acting effects, and ease of consumption in a cart, disposable, or gummy. HHC is to HHC-O like Delta-8 is to THC-O.

Terpfusion is proud to be a leader in HHC-O product manufacturing and private label services. We work with business owners around the USA to help them introduce HHCO products to their customer base. Whether you are looking for bulk items or need to utilize our full-service packaging services, Terpfusion is a partner that is here to help you succeed.

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HHCO Private Label and Bulk Options

HHC-O Vape Cartridge

HHC-O is low-viscous and highly potent compared to other products on the market. Therefore, it's perfect for customers to enjoy a smooth and euphoric vaping experience.

With over 50+ terpene strains available, your customers will find an HHC-O Cart that they will love!

HHC-O Disposable

Optimum effects of carts without the additional battery required! HHC-O disposables are one of the most popular product options that we offer. 1mL & 2mL available!

Choose between a variety of high-quality box or bag packaging and enjoy one of our reliable disposable devices.

HHC-O Gummies

Fully-Infused HHC-O gummies now available for bulk, wholesale, or private-label purchase!

All of our gummies are made-from-scratch daily at our facility and come in primarily cube shapes. We ship edibles in large bulk sizes or can fully-package them in jars or bags. 15+ flavors available!

HHC-O Dabs

This classic, exotic style product is now available as HHC-O concentrate! Enjoy dabs, budder, sauce, and more variations of concentrate products.

Why partner with Terpfusion and Private-Label HHC-O products ?

  • In-house manufacturing team that focuses exclusively on Private Label projects.


  • Extentsive in-house white label packaging capabilities. Additionally ,we have relationships with the most premiere packaging manufacturers across the world.


  • Years of experience helping business owners start their own brand of CBD, Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC and more! Our primary business model is being a resource for you and your unique business needs.


  • Quality hardware options that are made for alt-cannabinoid products like HHC-O.


  • 50+ Terpene Variations available!

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