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HHCP, an very rare and powerfully mind-altering cannabinoid, is the hydrogenated counterpart to THCP. HHC-P is quickly booming in popularity due to a researched study which found that this molecule was around 33 times more potent than HHC.

HHCP is exotic and hard-to-find cannabinoid with a multitude of attributes your customer will love. When your customers consume HHCP, they'll enjoy that fact that is extremely potent and provides optimum euphoric effects. Additionally, it is known for being longer-lasting than THCP.

HHCP is also almost-always blended due to it's extreme potency. Enjoy offering customer blends of more commonly known cannabinoids that are enhanced by the potency-addition of HHC-P.

We partner with businesses to help successfully them offer these products to their customers. Whether you're looking to private label HHCP or purchase bulk products, our full-service team has the resources to help you succeed.

Wholesale HHC-P Cartridges disposables, gummies, wax, and more are now available for bulk or white label purchase!


Are you interested in a white label or bulk HHCP quote? Call +1-800-210-9475 or email sales@terpfusioncbd.com to receive a custom quote today!

HHC-P Private Label and Bulk Product Options

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HHC-P Disposables

HHCP Disposables are potent, effective, and eay to vape. The pre-attached battery allows customers to vape immediately and our delicious terpene blends will have them ready to enjoy more! Shop 1mL, 2mL, and 3mL wholesale HHC-P options!

Ask us about our custom blends and live resin options!

HHC-P Cartridges

Cartridges are a mainstay and one of the first products available in the cannabinoid counter culture space. Consider adding HHCP cartridges to your lineup if you're looking for an extra strength option. Enjoy blending your HHCP with HHC, D8, D10, THC-A and more!

HHC-P Gummies

Gummies are the perfect options for those customers who prefer to achieve their zen through eating HHCP blended edibles. These lightly-sugared, delicious gummies are priced to move and will light up the world of anyone who tries them! We manuafcture in-house, so we can make these custom and specific to your product goals.

Dozens of fruity flavors and hundreds of custom cannabinoids blends available!

Why should you choose Terpfusion as your trusted HHCP Wholesale Product Manufacturer?

  • Dedicated, knowledgable Account Representative who cares about your success. Enjoy pecialized support throughout the length of your project.


  • Quick In-house private-label packaging capabilities for various packaging types.


  • Turnkey solution for sourcing complex boxes, displays boxes, and more from quality providers across the word.


  • The Terpfusion staff has multiple dozens of years of combined experience bringing CBD, D8, and HHC brands to life. Enjoy working with a team that has helped over 100 businesses successfully launch their brand.


  • Offer trustworthy, high-quality cartridge and disposable hardware designed for handling HHCP blended products. Minimal clogs or leaks!


  • 50+ Terpene Variations available -- including 20+ delicious and desirable Live Resin terpene options!

Private Label HHCP Blend Options

Simple HHCP Blends

These are simple custom blends that involve combining HHC-P with a single mixer. Options for this include:

- Delta-8 THC

- Delta-10 THC



and more!

Complex HHCP Blends

These wholesale HHC-P mixtures involve blending a combination of cannabinoids to target specific effects.

Examples could be, but are not limited to:

- Uplifting: HHC/HHCO/HHCP

- Zen: CBN/Delta 8/THC-A/HHC-P

- Energizing: D-8/THC-A/THCV/HHCP

- Balanced: D8/THC-A/HHCO/HHCP


A super HHCp blend is one that involves creating a mixture that includes another rare, mega-potent cannabinoid. These blends are the strongest, rarest distillate options that we offer.

Examples of special cannabinoids included in a "super blend" are: THCP, THCH, THCB, and more!

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