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Hydroxy is a hemp compund that was introduced to the counterculture market in 2023. Hydroxy is becoming popular because it promotes uplifting & sativa-like effects but is more psychoactive than D8, HHC, or Delta-10. It's popularly "blended" with other cannabinoids. Additionally, customers have reported that Hydroxy has a more pleasant taste when infused in an edible

Terpfusion helps businesses offer their own line of private label Hydroxy gummies, disposables, and more. Click below for a quote today!

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Private Label & Bulk Hydroxy Options

Wholesale Hydroxy Cartridges

Enjoy offering your clientele your own brand of effective & quality Hydroxy cartridges. Choose between durable 1 gram & 2 gram hardware areand dozens of unique packaging options. Blend with D8, THCP, and more.

Be sure to ask about our extensive terpene list!

Wholesale Hydroxy Disposables

All the wonder Hydroxy effects -- no external battery required! Enjoy choosing from our selection of reliable 1g, 2g, 3g, and 5g devices.

With over 75 hemp-drived & live resin terpene options in stock, you'll be able to create your own custom hydroxy dispsoable that will surely stand out amongst the competition.

Wholesale Hydroxy Concentrates

Enjoy offering a variety of unique assortments of Hydroxy concentrates. We've formulated unique mixtures that replicate dabs, budder, wax, shatter, and more! Ask us about unique blends that will have your private label hydroxy brand really shine!

Wholesale Hydroxy Gummies

Non-melting, tasty, and vegan gummies now available with Hydroxy! Private Label hydroxy gummies or blend them with a few of your other favorite cannabinoids to concoct an edible perfect for your brand. Over 50+ flavors to choose from.

We product 250,000 gummies a day & keep around 1,000,000 gummies in backstock. Reach out to ask for a backstock list!

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