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Delta-9 THC Gummies | Hemp Derived & Compliant | Private-Label, Bulk, and other Customized Ingredient Options available

Are you considering offering your own brand of wholesale Delta-9 Gummies? We're here to help! Click the chat button below or email to speak with a member of our team.

Terpfusion CBD Network partners with companies across the United States to help them offer bulk Delta 9 THC Gummies that contain hemp-derived Delta 9 THC distillate. All of our D9 gummies are manufactured in-house at our licensed hemp food processing facility. There, we produce tens-of-thousands of gummies a day using only the highest quality ingredients and distillate.

Terpfusion specializes in white label manufacturing of Hemp Derived D9 gummy brands. This means that we focus on helping businesses likes yours successfully source and package a unique line of private-label Delta 9 gummies. We proudly have worked with hundreds of businesses around world to ensure they offer high-quality, compliant edible D9 products in quality and eye-catching packaging.

Sizes, Flavors, and Strengths Available for Delta-9 THC Gummies


We can manufacture gummies with a variety of delicious fruit flavors. Our most popular flavors are blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, cherry-limeade, kiwi, and pomegranate. Other flavors for wholesale Delta 9 gummies that we recommend are piña colada, peach, orange, dragonfruit, lemon lime, and peach-mango. Any flavor is possible! These gummies are lightly sugared and also are available in sour options for a slight additional charge.

Gummy Sizes

The most popular gummy size is our standard 4.75 gram cube. These gummies are the easiest to eat in one-bite and also are our most cost-efficient options. People most commonly choose this size when purchase 5mg or 10mg Delta-9 gummies.  

We also offer a 10-gram cube option that is avalable for purchase. These are massive gummies meant to be enjoyed over multiple days and cost a bit more compared to our smaller sizes.. Due to the size of these gummies, however, they can hold a larger amount of hemp-derived Delta 9 and still be compliant. Customers most commonly choose the 10 gram gummy cube when starting their own 25mg D9 gummy SKU within their own product line.

The strengths that we offer are: 5mg, 10mg, & 25mg (Large 10 Gram Gummies only)


Standard Ingredients: Sugar, Organic Corn Syrup, Water, Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC Distillate, Pectin, MCT Oil, Citric Acid, Flavoring, Isomalt, Coloring

Packaging Information

Standard packaging for our most basic white-label service is a mylar bag with a pre-made label on the front of the package. The bottom of the packaging is see-thru, so customers can see the Delta 9 Gummies inside. We also have access to jars in 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz sizes that could be a fit for your gummies.

Many of our clients also prefer to invest in screen printed bags for their private label Delta-9 THC gummy brand. They choose this option because these bags look more symmetrical and professional. We even help people source display boxes -- which are essential for those looking to mass distribute their products. 


When you work with us, we can provide several types of service options for your wholesale Delta 9 gummy project.

1. Bulk Gummy Services

This is our most simple and affordable srvice. You will recieve all of your gummies in a large, bulk inconspicuous package. After recieving product, you can add your own label/additional packaging or sell as is. This is popular for customers who have the time and resources to handle the packaging of their own gummies. This is our cheapest option to get your brand off the ground and the best way to get your gummies quickly and also most affordably!

2. Private-Label Product and Packaging Service

With this white label service, your private label D9 gummies will arrive fully packaged and ready to sell!  Whether you are an established business or are new to sourcing hemp-dervied products, we will work closely with you to ensure you are launching your brand correctly. We will also check your product packaging for reglulation compliance - including the UPC/QR codes needed to be fully ready to go to market. This is a great option for those who would prefer spend extra for the ease of having your gummies arrive fully packaged.

Need someone to help design your package? No problem! We also have an in-house label/packaging design team and connections with some of the most talented graphic designers in the counter culture business. 

How are Delta-9 THC Legal to sell?

These gummies are legal to sell because they have a total dry weight of less than 0.3% THC -- which is the benchmark set by the 2018 farm bill. When this legislation was signed into law, it opened the door for all derivatives of hemp (cannabinoids, analogs, etc.) to completely legal in the United States as long as they do not contain more than .3% D9.

Since our gummies weigh slightly over 4 grams, that means that you can hold as much as 12 milligrams in your gummies and they will still be legal. We intentionally will only allow a maximum amount of 10mgs in these wholesale D9 gummies to ensure our products are safely under that legal limit. Our 10 gram gummies can hold a maximum of 30mgs. We max those out at 25mgs for similar reasons.

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