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THC-V Cartridge Wholesale - THC-V/D8 - Tangie

Would you like to offer your customers THC-V -- the rare, energizing, and beneficial cannabinoid that is bound to change the hemp industry forever? If so, offer your customers these delicious THC-V Cartridges infused with the Tangie terpene strain.

This make up of this cartridge consist of 10% THC-V, 85% Delta 8 distillate, and 5% Tangie Terpenes. While there is only 10% THC-V in this cartridge - that is all that is needed to give users the enlivening, sativa, helpful perks of consuming THCV. We also use premium, lab tested D8 distillate along with the citrus taste of Tangie to ensure the best user experience on the market when they choose to enjoy our carts. Most of our customers describe the taste as an earthy, citrus taste balanced by subtle sweetness.

Every THC V cart includes attractive, easy-to-display clamshell packaging with an attractive design that will catch the eye of anyone perusing your in-person or online storefront. We also offer reasonable MOQs and some of the best prices in the hemp business.

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Product Details:

  • Brand: FLVR
  • Terpene Strain: Tangie (Sativa)
  • Cartridge Size: 1mL
  • Packaging: Blister-pack w/ paper insert.
  • Flavor Profile: earthy, citrus taste balanced by subtle sweetness.
  • Effects: Enlivening, Soothing, Happy
  • Cartridge Type: iKrusher CALBRPRO (SEE HEAVY METALS TEST HERE)
  • Ingredients: THC-V Distillate, Delta-8 Distillate, & Natural Terpenes (no additional cutting agents)
  • Recommended MSRP: $40-50 USD