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Toke Bar | Flavored 1g Delta-8 Disposable | Wholesale 

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Looking for the most delicious, sleek, and affordable wholesale Delta 8 Disposable Vape on the market? Look no further than the hottest new brand that is newly available across the United States – Toke Bar!

Toke Bar is a high-quality Delta-8 Vape that is infused with tasty flavoring options rather than traditional terpenes. If you have customers looking for sweet, delicious flavors combined with the psychedelic effects of D-8 Disposables – Toke Bar is for you.

Best of all –  Toke Bar is one of the most affordable wholesale Delta-8 Disposable brands on the market. This allows you to offer your customers D8 at a great price while still getting the margins you need to build your online or brick-and-mortar shop.

With 9 varieties of Toke Bar, there is a flavor that’s a fit for just about anyone. Each flavor comes in an attractive case-style packaging – each of which are packaged in a 10-pack display box. This makes it simple to display and advertise Toke Bar in any business setting.

This Delta – 8 Disopsable Vape product is manufactured at a world-class facility in the USA and is always lab tested to ensure quality and safety for the thousands Toke Bar users across the world.


Toke Bar Flavor Options:


The nine delicious flavors of Delta-8 Disposables that you can purchase wholesale are:


  • Blue Raspberry: A delicious, sweet aroma that allows for a delicate but potent effects. Tastes just like frozen drinks we all have grown to enjoy.
  • Banana Ice: You’ll be swinging sky high in the trees as you enjoy this perfectly balanced banana flavor with a cool, refreshing feeling on every exhale.
  • Bubblegum: This classic flavor in vapeable disposable form will have your customers rejoice! Tastes so much like Bubblegum they’ll be seeing pink clouds
  • Grape: this sweet, purple disposables makes for a 1, 2 punch of amazing flavor. One of our most potent choices in the line up!
  • Lychee Ice: The only word to describe this fabulous disposable is…. FRESH! Enjoy a smooth, sweet flavor that makes this the perfect all-day D8 vape option.
  • Mango: An enjoyable tropical citrus flavor that’s slightly tart on the inhale and sweet on the exhale. Customers also report hints of sourness and floral notes.
  • Mint: Sweet, fresh flavor that produced a lasting cool feeling on your tongue on the exhale.
  • O.G: A sour, sweet, and earthy taste your taste buds will savor throughout the entire vaping experience.
  • Strawberry: Fruity and sweet! This flavor has a juicy, tart mouthfeel that – combined with D8 – makes this one of the most popular disposables in the Toke Bar lineup.


Legal Information:

Since the 2018 Farm Bill went into law, all hemp-derived products are federally legal so-long as they contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Since this product is comprised of only Delta-8 and flavoring – it is legal under federal law. There are a minority of states of who have D-8 laws that conflict with the Farm Bill, so do your due diligence before offering your customers Toke Bar.