THCH is a rare, ultra potent cannabinoid that is naturally occuring in the plant. It has a complex carbon-chain and is reported to be astronomically stronger than Delta 8, HHC, or even Delta 9. Terpfusion is excited to be able to distribute and manufacture an assortent of quality wholesale THCH products. Enjoy shopping wholesale THC-H disposables -- which we currently have offered under the FLVR brand and with quality live resin terpenes. Additionally, shop an assortment of our high-potency & euphoric blends of THCH wax. Soon you will also be able to find wholesale THC-H cartridges on this website as well as some THCH gummies. 

Terpfusion is proud to offer reasonable MOQs and superior customer services while giving our customers sensible pricing on all of our products. Shop online or call us at +1-800-210-9475 to speak with a wholesale representative. There are also private label and bulk product options available upon request.