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Wholesale THCH Wax | 2 Gram | DXHALE (3 Terpene Strains Available)


THCH concentrates are a new, exciting, and potent product now available wholesale from the DXHALE brand. These are one on the earliest THC-H wax products available on the market & comes in 3 delightful terpene strains. Every concentrate product offered by DXHALE has 2 grams of high-quality THCH blended wax in each and comes in an attractive QUBE Package. We sell these in display boxes of 10 for easy display in the store.

THCH is a natural occuring cannabinoid that is considered very rare and powerful in the USA market. It is 100% derived from hemp and is growing in popularity due to it's uplifting effects. Additionally, wholesale THC-H products are particularly attractive to consumers because it's extremely potent. Many people report it is over 30 times stronger than Delta 9!  We blend all THCH products that we make with a proprietary blend of HHC, D8, & other cannabinoids to bring out the waxy texture while also maintaining the flavor and potency. 

As of writing, DXHALE has publically released three unique variations of THCH wax that are available for wholesale purchase. These strains are Berry Pie, Cherry Gelato, & Rainbow Runtz.

Berry Pie is a blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Berry Blitz. The flavor profile consists of a delicious cookie crust that's complimented by a fruity-berry flavor. Users who use this Sativa-Hybrid strain report feelings of Introspective Euphoria that's maximized by the THCH.

Cherry Gelato is an extreme potent Hybrid strain that users report makes them feel euphoria as well as a boost in creativity. When choosing to purchase this specific strain of THCH wax wholesale, you can expect a mouthful of various berry flavors every time you enjoy this product. 

Rainbow Runtz is a unique, delectable blend of Runtz, Rainbow Drops, Zkittlez, & Do-Si-Do Terpene Strains. This amazing strain promotes strong indica effects. When using it, users effects reportedly joyous couch-lock as well as mood promotion. The flavor is very earthy but is complimented by notes of fresh berries. Rainbow Runtz is one of our favorite strains we've ever carried at Terpfusion -- and we expect your customers to feel the same!


The DXHALE manufacturing team only uses the best lab-tested distillate and chooses trendy, high quality natural terpenes for delectable flavor. You'll only recieve the best when choosing any DXHALE product. 

This product is legal federally and in most states due to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, some states have laws that explicitly ban the sale of THCH or other hemp-derived cannabinoids. Research your specific state before purchasing from our website.


Do you think wholesale THCH concentrate could be a fit for your store? Email us at or call +1-800-210-9475 to speak to a friendly member of our team today!

Product Details:

  • Brand: DXHALE
  • Product Type: Wax Concentrate
  • Cannabinoid: THC-H Blend
  • Terpene Strains: Rainbow Runtz (Indica), Berry Pie (Sativa), Cherry Gelato (Hybrid)
  • Package Size: 5mL
  • Packaging: 5mL Glass QUBE packaging with label
  • Effects: Euphoria
  • Ingredients: THC-H Distillate, proprietary assortment of natural cannabinoids, & Hemp-Derived Terpenes
  • Recommended MSRP: $40-$50 USD