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Wholesale HHC-O Wax | 2 Gram | DXHALE


Are wholesale wax, dabs, & concentrates a popular option in your online or brick-and-mortar store? If so, check out these wholesale HHC-O wax products by DXHALE. These concentrates are the first we've seen on the market in HHCO form and surely will offer your customers the euphoria and blissful experiences they seek when purchasing products. 

HHCO is a more potent variation of HHC. Similar to the comparison between THCO and D8, some customers gravitate to HHC-O because it provides more immediate euphoria compared to traditional HHC -- especially when enjoying it in concentrate form. If you have clientele that's seeking products based on potency, enjoys the hydrogenated cannabinoids, and prefers concentrates -- this is the product for them.  

Each 2g wax is offered in a childproof 5mL glass package. Additionally, DXHALE HHC-O wax is sold in 10 pc. display boxes. These displays make it easy to display and advertise this unique product in your store. 

DXHALE has currently released two unique variations of HHCO wax that are available for wholesale purchase: Tropical Cookies & Wedding Glue. Tropical Cookies is a blend of GSC and Tangie. It has prominent citrus notes and offers users energizing effects.  Wedding Glue, is a ridiculously potent indica strain with a sweet, delicious vanilla taste that will surely savor in your mouth.  

The DXHALE manufacturing team only uses the best lab-tested distillate and chooses trendy, high quality natural terpenes for delectable flavor. You'll only recieve the best when choosing any DXHALE product.


Do you think wholesale HHC-O wax could be a fit for your store? Email us at sales@terpfusioncbd.com or call +1-800-210-9475 to speak to a friendly member of our team today!

Product Details:

  • Brand: DXHALE
  • Product Type: Wax Concentrate
  • Cannabinoid: HHC-O
  • Terpene Strains: Wedding Glue (Indica), Tropical Cookies (Sativa)
  • Package Size: 5mL
  • Packaging: 5mL Glass QUBE packaging with label
  • Effects: Euphoria
  • Ingredients: HHC-O Distillate, proprietary assortment of natural cannabinoids, & Hemp-Derived Terpenes
  • Recommended MSRP: $30-$40 USD