HHC-O Cartridge - FLVR - Biscotti [Wholesale]


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HHC-O Cartridge Wholesale - Biscotti (Hybrid)

Offer your customers wholesale HHCO cartridges that are enriched with a savory Biscotti terpene profile. HHC-O is an new minor cannabinoid that brings value to your clienete in several ways. First, it isn't as thick as traditional HHC and is much smoother to inhale while vaping. This rare cannabinoid also reported to be more potent than normal hetrahydrocannabidol -- a quality your customers will love!

When you purchase this specific HHC-O cart wholesale, you'll be delighting them with a tasty Biscotti terp profile. People are loving this flavor because it's a delectable mix of sweet cookies and a slight diesel aftertaste. Additionally, there's no cutting agents in any cartridges distributed by Terpfusion -- so you can feel confident the user-experience with be optimum. 


When it comes to our HHCO vapes, the verdict is simple: This cartridge has smooth, tasty, and euphoric qualities that is sure to move for your business. 


HHC-O Legality:

This HHC-O cart, along with all of our products, contains less than .3% Delta-9 THC and are 100% hemp derived. Hemp products under this threshold are legal federally in the United States thanks to the 2018 farm bill. However, you will need to be sure to research your state and local laws regarding this substance before buying it from our website.

Product Details:

  • Terpene Strain: Biscotti (Hybrid)
  • Size of Cartridge: 1mL
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet Cookies with pungent diesel overtones
  • Effects: Euphoria, Enlightening
  • Cartridge Type: iKrusher CALBR PRO (510 Thread Cartridge)
  • Ingredients: 950mg HHC-O, & 50mg Natural Terpene Blend 
  • Recommended MSRP: $40-55 USD