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HHC-O Cartridge Wholesale - GMO (Hybrid)

Wholesale HHCO cartridges -- a rare minor cannabinoid that produces a strong, potent experience -- is a must-have addition for your online or brick-and-mortar shop. The loud, dank GMO terpenes in the HHC-O carts offered here are absolutely delicious and offer boosting and euphoric effects that are exciting consumers nationwide. Whether you own a wellness retail location or a smoke shop, this wholesale cart is well worth it's place in your inventory.

This HHCO cartridge option, along with all FLVR products, is manufactured and distributed by Terpfusion. At our facility - our entire manufacturing team works tirelessly to ensure all of our products are consistently tasty, powerful, and smooth throughout the entire 1mL cartridge. To ensure maximum potency, we do not add any fillers in our vapes -- it's just distillate and naturally-derived terpenes!

The packaging used for these HHC-O cartridges is a blister-pack with an appealing cardboard insert. These are perfect to hang up on any pegboard in your shop and catch attention of anyone in your store. There's several other flavors of HHCO carts available here -- as well as disposables -- so be sure to stock up on them all to offer the best possible variety!


HHC-O Legal Disclaimer:

FLVR HHC-O carts, along with all minor cannabinoid products on our website, contains less than .3% Delta-9 THC and are 100% hemp derived. This makes them legal in a large portion of US states. A handful of states explicitly outlaw minor cannabinoids (like D8, D10, or HHC) so be sure to do your due diligence before investng in HHC-O products.

Product Details:

  • Terpene Strain: GMO (Hybrid)
  • Size of Cartridge: 1mL
  • Packaging: Blister-Pack with attractive cardboard insert
  • Flavor Profile: Loud, Garlic flavor profile
  • Cartridge Type: iKrusher CALBR PRO (510 Thread Cartridge)
  • Ingredients: 950mg HHC-O, & 50mg Natural Terpene Blend 
  • Recommended MSRP: $40-55 USD